New BrightAuthor Beta Available:

We’ve posted a new Beta version of BrightAuthor on the Software Downloads page. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes:

  • Timeout events assigned to Local Playlist states now work again.
  • BrightAuthor no longer encounters a communication error when publishing via Local File Networking to a player that was set up with a 3.7.0.x version of BrightAuthor.
  • Media RSS (MRSS) feeds can now be displayed in multiple zones simultaneously.
  • Files with .m2ts extensions can now be added to the Media Library.
  • The URLs for Video Stream or MJPEG Stream states can now be specified dynamically with User Variables. A User Variable can specify the entire URL or replace part of the URL.

For a complete list of changes, please view the BrightAuthor Release Notes, which are contained within the .zip file of the software download.

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