BrightSign Network 3.8

The BrightSign Network has been updated to version 3.8. After a BrightSign Network update, we recommend clearing the cache on the browser you use with the WebUI. This ensures that all scripts on the webpage execute correctly.

This update includes several new features and improvements:

Media Info tab

The Media Info tab (which is accessible via the Properties dialog of each media item) is now available for audio and video files. It displays media file information such as the codec, container properties, and duration.

Unicode name support

Many user-specified elements in the WebUI now support Unicode character sets, including the names of Dynamic Playlists, Live Data feeds, Live Media feeds, Presentations, Groups, Roles, and Folders, as well as the first and last names for BSN users. Languages that are not supported by the Latin-1 character set—including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, and Cyrillic-based languages—can now be used to name these elements.

4K player support

Presentations can now be created for, and published to, the BrightSign 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 players (these models will be released soon). It is also possible to upload 4K video files that are encoded with H.265—they are marked in content libraries with a "4K" icon. 

Extended file support

Support for the .m2ts.ogg, and .flac file types has been added to the BrightSign Network. They can now be included in Dynamic Playlists, Live Media feeds, and presentations created in the WebUI. The .ogg and .flac file types are supported by 4K players only (support will be added to other models soon). The .m2ts file type is supported by 4K, XD and HDx20 models running firmware versions 4.8.x or later.

Note: It is still possible to add playlists, feeds, and presentations containing these file types to models that don't support them. Use caution when assigning these new file types with a mix of model types.


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    thanh vu

    Would brightsign network software able to handle 300 - 350 brightsigns?, what is the max? (I know it depends on the hardware as well). Where can I get a trial version? Thank You.

  • 1

    When will support for the .ogg and .flac file types be added to models other than 4K players? A question from bloxd io. Thanks.

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