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Support for 4K players, including software downloads and documentation, is now available. The software is available on the new Downloads page, which is located in the header at the top of the page and the Support Menu on the left. This page is replacing the old Software Downloads page as the hub for all new versions of player firmware, BrightAuthor software, and other utilities. The new Downloads page makes it easier to find the correct version of firmware/software for your HD, XD, or 4K player model.


BrightAuthor (Official Release)

This version of BrightAuthor is intended for use with the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models only. This version allows you to publish presentations using 4K videos and resolutions. It also offers the following new features:

  • Z-ordering of graphics zones (relative to video zones)
  • Scrolling ticker support
  • Customizable transition-effect speeds between images

See the Release Notes for a full list of new features and fixes. Note that most of the changes in will be available soon on a version that is compatible with HD and XD players as well.

Firmware 5.0.22 (Official Release)

This is the production release for the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models. Along with 4K support, this version includes a number of improvements for HTML pages and expanded support for BrightScript JavaScript objects.

Firmware 5.0.27 (Beta Release)

This is the beta release for the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models. Along with the changes mentioned above, this version also includes the following bug fixes:

  • If an HTML <video> element fails to play a specified multicast stream, it will now generate a "error" event that can then be handled by the JavaScript of the page.
  • Playing an HLS stream no longer causes a memory leak.
  • Opening a serial port via an roSerialPort instance will no longer cause serial console output, which is used for debugging scripts, to cascade to the right.

BrightSign Network

The BrightSign Network already supports creating and distributing presentations for 4K models. It also supports uploading 4K video (H.265 files) via BrightAuthor or the WebUI.


The User Manual for BrightAuthor 4.0 is now available on the Documentation page. The Hardware Manual for the 4K series can also be downloaded there.

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    Patrick Davis

    Since this version is only for the 4k players, what is the best way to support a mixture of players that I support? We have primarily HD players, but a few XD players as well. I plan on rolling out the 4K players here shortly for a new install. 

    Since I can't have two versions of the BrightAuthor software installed, how are you going to support this moving forward?

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    BrightSign Support

    You can install as many BrightAuthor versions on your computer as you want. See this FAQ:


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    BrightSign TechDocs

    Also note that we are currently working on a BrightAuthor 4.0 version that supports HD, XD, _and _4K. We're getting it ready for release as soon as possible.

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