New Firmware and BrightAuthor Versions Available

There are new versions of BrightSign firmware and BrightAuthor software available on the Software Downloads page.

The following is a short summary of each update. For a more comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, see the release notes located next to the Download Now button (they are also included in the .zip file).

Firmware Version 4.8.114 (Production)

This firmware update is intended for the following BrightSign models: XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD120, HD220, HD1020, AU320.

The XD version includes improvements to the WebKit JavaScript engine, as well as support for the Planar PS4660T multi-touch screen. It also includes support for HDMI Input rotation (via BrightScript only) with the roVideoPlayer.SetTransform method.

Both HD and XD versions include several fixes for audio and video streaming.

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Player Firmware Required: 4.7.146 (XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD120, HD220, HD1020, AU320) / 3.11.11 (HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810, HD1010)

This version of BrightAuthor includes a fix for an MRSS state transition bug that causes a runtime error on the player. 

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    Roni Starc

    I have a question regarding the new tabbed interface in tne latest beta versions. Will the new Create tab be always present? I find it odd because it implies that you could create a presentation when you can only create a brigtwall. If you want to create a presentation you have to go to Edit -> Layout. A little confusing for some end users.

    Could the displaying of the create brightwall tab be optional (eg. selectable in the settings)? I think most BS players are used in a single display solution so always displaying an additional tab that usually isn't used sems awkward. Or maybe move the Edit layout to the Create - Single screen presentation or something like this.


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    Bart Rutherford

    I second that it has caused confusion when training staff.

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    BrightSign Support

    Thank you for your feedback! We have added your comments to our list of feature requests and improvements under # 19884.

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