New Versions of Software and Firmware Available

We’ve posted new versions BrightAuthor and a new Beta version of firmware to the Downloads page.

BrightAuthor (Beta)

This BrightAuthor version allows you to create, schedule, and publish presentations for all current BrightSign Models: HDx20 (including the AU320), XD, and 4K. Previous versions of 4.0.0.x only supported 4K models. Note that legacy HDx10 models are not supported in any versions after BrightAuthor 3.8.

Important: To use this version of BrightAuthor with HDx20 and XD players, you must update the firmware of these models to the new Beta firmware (5.1.12).

BrightAuthor (Production)

This is the new production version of BrightAuthor. It includes support for native portrait-mode HD video (1080x1920). It also fixes a bug with Media RSS Feeds and Live Text states.

Firmware 5.1.12 (Beta)

This version of firmware is available for XD and HDx20 models only. The XD version features support for the .ogg container format and the FLAC and Vorbis codecs. It also includes a number of improvements for HTML pages and expanded support for BrightScript JavaScript objects. Both XD and HDx20 versions feature improvements for HLS and RTSP streaming playback.

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