New XD Firmware Available: 5.1.24

BrightSign firmware version 5.1.24 is now available on the Downloads page. This is the new Production version of firmware for XDx32 models (replacing 5.1.16), and the new Beta version of firmware for XDx30 models (replacing 5.1.12).

Important: We strongly recommend installing this update if your XD player(s) are currently running 5.1.12 or 5.1.16. These versions have an instability that may cause errors and crashes with any presentation or deployment. Once you install version 5.1.24 on your XDx30 or XDx32 player, you will not be able to reinstall earlier versions of 5.1 firmware.

Aside from fixing the above issue, this version also fixes dual-video playback and video rotation. The update also includes support for closed captioning and subtitles (CEA-608, CEA-709, and DVB), as well as support for synchronizing the scrolling ticker over multiple screens (via BrightScript or JavaScript).

The firmware update also fixes the splash screen for firmware updates on all models.

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