New BrightAuthor Plugin: 4K Image Playback

The new 4K Image Playback plugin is now available on the BrightSign GitHub directory. You can use this plugin to display a playlist of 4K images on a 4Kx42 player.

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     THis plugin isn't required in newer brightauthor releases...



    You can playback 4k images on the 4k player.

    If you're using an XT player, then it supports a full resolution option that's used for html mostly. WIth this full resolution option enabled when you create the project, you can drag 4k images into a simple looping playlist.


    For players that don't support the full resolution setting or for a project where it's not enabled, ba doesn't currently let you drag 4k images into a simple looping playlist. But, you can add a medialist widge or imagelist widget. Both have a 4k checkbox. With that box checked, you can add 4k images to the imagelist or medialist, and playback your 4k content.

    BA will be updated to address this issue where you sometimes can't drag 4k images into a 4k playlist even if the unit supports 4k image playback. But, it's definitely supported. 

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