New BrightAuthor and Firmware Versions Available

There are new versions of BrightSign firmware and BrightAuthor software available on the Software Downloads page.

The following is a short summary of each update. For a more comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, see the release notes located next to the Download Now button (they are also included in the .zip file).

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Player Firmware Required: 5.1.33 (4Kx42, XDx32, XDx30, HDx20, LSx22) / 5.1.16 (HDx22)

This version includes an MRSS video playback fix for presentations that also contain HTML content. This version also increases the maximum size of HTML sites (and included assets) that can be uploaded to the BrightSign Network.

Firmware Version 5.1.62 (Beta)

This firmware update is available for all currently supported hardware platforms: 4Kx42, XDx32, XDx30, HDx22, HDx20, LSx22, and AU320.

This version includes an image-display fix for .png files that are palletized and interlaced. It also includes several fixes for HLS streaming playback.

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