BrightSign Network Performance Issues

UpdateAll BSN services have been restored, and performance is back to normal. We will be monitoring the system carefully over the next 24 hours to ensure complete recovery. 

The BrightSign Network has been experiencing performance issues since 8AM PDT (August 10th). Communication to or from the BSN servers initiated by players, BrightAuthor, or the WebUI have been experiencing timeouts. These show up as server errors in the WebUI, errors 403 and 503 on devices, and general slowness across all platforms. Until these issues are resolved, the ability to interact with the BSN servers will be limited. We will update this post as soon as these issues are resolved.

Further Details

During a scheduled update of the BrightSign Network server code, Amazon Web Services (the hosting provider we use) experienced outages and increased failure rates for a range of services that BrightSign utilizes. The combination of these two things has caused the performance issues mentioned above.  See details of the AWS outage here:

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