New Beta Firmware and BrightAuthor Available

Beta versions of 6.1 firmware and 4.4 BrightAuthor are now available on the Software Downloads page. These beta releases are currently only available for 4Kx42, XDx32, and XDx30 models. Other models will be supported soon.

Firmware Version 6.1.37 (Beta)

This version includes support for HDR video (CEA HDR10) on 4K players, as well as a new JavaScript/BrightScript API for Mosaic mode video. See the Release Notes for a list of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

There are some known issues with this beta version. We are working to resolve these issues with the next release:

  • Seamless looping doesn't work with MOV/MP4 HTTP streams.
  • BrightWall synchronization drifts over time when playing multicast streaming video.
  • New Mosaic Mode API lacks Z-ordering control.
  • YouTube playback is broken when video is preceded by an advertisement.
  • Video positioning for portrait-mode HTML video does not work with HWZ disabled. When HWZ is enabled, positioning will be broken for the first play through only.
  • When downgrading from this firmware version, the progress bar will fail to display on screen.

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Player Firmware Required: 5.1.33 (4Kx42, XDx32, XDx30, HDx20, LSx22) / 5.1.16 (HDx22)

This version includes the new Proxy Bypass feature for unit setup. It also allows you to specify “bottom on left” and “bottom on right” for portrait-mode presentations (i.e. 90-degree rotation vs. 270-degree rotation). See the Release Notes for a list of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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