BSN 4.5.2 Change Log

The BrightSign Network was recently updated to version 4.5.2. The following is a summary of fixes and new features:

  • The RSS file associated with a Tagged Playlist now includes tag name and value pairs.
  • The performance of the BSN database has been improved.
  • The Startup Page setting on the Settings page now gets applied to your account after logging out.
  • It’s now possible to upload 4Kx42 presentations that use the 4096x2160x60p video mode.
  • The PUT call on the /Presentations endpoint no longer allows the client to specify an arbitrary autorun version number.
  • New Person profile storage and management API at the ~/2017/01/REST/Self/Profile/ endpoint
  • New ScheduledPresentations[] property for the ~/2017/01/REST/Groups/Regular/ endpoint
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