Device Log Upload Changes

Q: What exactly does change mean to me?

During an analysis of BrightSign Network activity, we noticed many users have not been using the device log reporting feature for some time. To optimize the internet bandwidth used by BrightSign players and the efficiency of the BrightSign Network, we are going to disable the "Upload Logs" feature for all players these network(s).


Q: I want to opt-out of this change.  How do I do this?

Please email before November 21, 2018, and provide the BrightSign Network name(s) that you would like to be excluded from this change.


Q: How do I find my network name?

  • Log in to your BrightSign Network account.
  • Click on “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The network name is listed in the User Info section.




Q: What exactly does this change me for me?

Your BrightSign player will continue to operate as it usually does.  The difference is that the player will no longer capture specific log files and then upload them to BrightSign Network.  Our analysis showed that these logs weren’t being accessed, and therefore causing unnecessary overhead to the player and the network.  For example, these logs would be written to your storage constantly and then uploaded to BSN.  This behavior could cause additional wear on the storage media, and use additional network resources.


Q: What are my options for using this feature going forward?

If you missed the initial opt-out period, you can enable this functionality, by updating the Device Properties in your BrightSign Network account.  For more information, please see:


Q: What if I’m not sure about this change—what should I do?

Our recommendation is to disable these logs until you identify a need for them.  At that point, the functionality can be enabled.  If it is a temporary need, we would also recommend disabling this feature when you no longer need these logs.

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