New Production Version on OS8 Available: 8.0.127

OS 8.0.127 has been released to production for all Series 4 (XTx44/XDx34/HDx24/HS124/LS424) and Series 3 (XTx43/XDx33/HDx23/HS123/HO523/LS423) models, as well as the 4Kx42.

It is now available on the Software Downloads page. See the release notes beneath each download link for a description of new features and bug fixes.

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    Noel E Biesecker

    BrightSign Support,

    I have recently updated my players (LS423 and XD234) from their original factory firmware to the newest OS Version 8.0.127. In this update, I found that the "SD" tab/page no longer shows the current usage percentage of available space on the inserted SD card. On your next update, could you please put that feature back in?

    Along those lines, here are some issues I have when working with these Brightsign units:

    Bright Author keeps all information for any files that have ever been published to a specific project. If I have a project that is only displaying a single video file, but that video file is replaced every week, after a year, that's 52 video files that a new player (or newly formatted SD card of a player) will receive, regardless of the fact that the project is only using the most recent file in it's display.

    The above is compounded by the fact that the player itself keeps all files ever uploaded to it, regardless if they are still used or not. This adds to the quick filling up of the SD card.

    Then on the web page, like I mentioned above, there is now no way to see the percentage of space available on the card, so I don't know when the SD card will be too big for pushing a new video to it until it fails the upload. Once I reach that point, I have to create a new SD card and insert it into the player. Of course, I could just go into it via the web page and delete the unused files but there are problems with that. Every file that gets uploaded gets a new hash format name and the files are thrown into seemingly random directories under the "pool" directory of the card. To clear space requires going into each subdirectory of each subdirectory, clicking on the info button for each file, and looking at the file size to determine if the file is worth deleting or not.

    I know there is a function where you can limit the amount of storage the unit will use up on the SD card, but once you reach that limit, you have to go through the same painstaking method of deleting the files one by one to free up space. It's easier just to replace the SD card with a newly imaged one, but when you have devices all over a 1.5 Million square foot facility, this gets very tedious to do on a weekly basis.

    There is a function on the device's web page under Diagnostics for Storage Formatting, but apparently that only applies to USB attached storage.

    Could you guys create an efficient way of handling this problem of SD cards fillng up? Either make it delete old unused files automatically, or give us an easy way of deleting all the files on the SD card in the pool directory which would allow us to upload new projects to it without having to physically go to the device and replace the SD card.

    Thank you.

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