Reality on Content Check Frequency and Limit Content Downloads

I would like to know how the "Content Check Frequency" works if I set a time slot for the "Limit Content Downloads"?
If I set a time slot for the "Limit Content Downloads" only at night, will my "Content Check Frequency" set every 30 min only run during the night? Or really every 30min day and night?

Concretely with these settings, if at 10am I upload an update of my project with just a modification of the sound level of my video zone or a modification on the location of a zone for example, without modifying any media, any image or any video, will my modification be operational after the next check 30 minutes later, or do I have to wait for the beginning of the "Limit Content Downloads" time slot and therefore the night?

Thanks in advance, this is a very important question for me.



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