Creating Folders with the Diagnostic Web Server

I'm creating a Node project that will run on a BrightSign. During development and testing, I got tired of manually copying the files to a memory card to get them onto the BrightSign. After playing with the Diagnostic panel, I realized I could automate the transfer of files from my PC to the BrightSign quite easily; I've got some code calling the same URLs that the diagnostic console uses. While I can transfer files just fine, I can't create any folders. 


Looking through the diagnostic web panel, I don't see any way to create a folder. Does the machine have such capabilities? Or is there no way to create a new folder with the diagnostic web panel.




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    Brandon Official comment

    There is no means to create folders in the DWS.

    You can either upload an autorun.brs with the necessary CreateDirectory commands or use the autorun.zip deploy method to deploy a whole the file/folder structure.

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    Bright Scripters

    With ssh enabled files and folders on the SD card can be managed with tools like FileZilla


    If you like VS Code, SFTP extension can transfer files automatically from desktop to SD card upon file save.



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    Joel Johnson

    Excellent! Thanks Brandon & BrightScripters for your replies.

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