Where is the documentation for autorun.brs

I am creating my own node app (or two) and autorun.brs file. I have been able to use the autorun examples I have found so far, but I want to do things that are more complicated than most of what I'm seeing out there (specifically run an express server and a front end). I need to know if I can run two things at the same time and if I can, how I can accomplish this. Really I just want to know what the autorun is capable of but cannot find documentation anywhere.


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    Bright Scripters

    The BrightScript documentation  might be what you are looking for



    For multiple node.js services you could instantiate multiple roNodeJs objects.



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    Brandon Stryker

    Hey that looks right up my alley :) after creating the nodejs object is there something I need to do to run it? For example:
    If I have this line of code like in the documentation

    node = CreateObject("roNodeJs""index.js", {message_port:my_message_port, arguments: ["arg1""arg2"]})

    would I need a command line node.run() or node.show() ater that line?


    update: I uploaded my app to the device sd card. From an ssh session I can run "node app.js" and the presentation runs and I can navigate to different urls and call functions on the express server. We can close this issue if you can tell me how to do this exact same thing in my autorun.brs file :) (I have other issues but I'll open other questions for those)

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    Brandon Stryker

    Ok I figured it out, thanks for the help. Posting autorun here in case anyone else ever sees this. You can close this issue

    sub Main()

    m.GLOBAL_DEBUG = true

    debug_out("Beginning Main")

    ' enable ssh
    reg = CreateObject("roRegistrySection", "networking")
    reg.write("ssh", "22")
    n = CreateObject("roNetworkConfiguration", 0)
    debug_out("SSH Enabled")

    ' do something with player id maybe
    info = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
    m.PlayerId = info.GetDeviceUniqueId()

    r = CreateObject("roRectangle", 0, 0, 1920, 1080)

    is = {
    port: 2999

    config = {
    nodejs_enabled: true
    inspector_server: is
    security_params: {
    websecurity: false
    brightsign_js_objects_enabled: true
    url: "file:///sd:/frontend/build/index.html"

    m.mPort = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
    m.node = CreateObject("roNodeJS", "app.js", {message_port: m.mPort})

    m.h = CreateObject("roHtmlWidget", r, config)

    while true
    ' do nothing
    end sub

    sub debug_out(any)
    if m.GLOBAL_DEBUG then print any
    end sub
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