AU335 audio out over USB-C

The AU335 documentation at https://brightsign.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/411435028/AU335 implies that audio can be routed over USB-C: "capable of playing up to three audio zones routed to one or more of the audio outputs (ARC/eARC, 3.5mm Analog, and USB Type-C)."

Am I correct in assuming that this isn't actually the case? At least BrightAuthor:connected doesn't allow to send audio to USB-C.



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    Standard USB audio is technically supported by a number of hardware models but BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected do not support USB audio output right now.

    The Mixed Audio PCM Only and Mixed Audio PCM / Compressed audio modes (aka "prerouted" audio modes) do not support USB audio per the Audio Resource Management tech note.

    USB audio support may be included in Partner CMS configurations but you will need to confirm that with the individual partner and player model used.

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