Bluetooth beacons interactivity

Hello all,

I have a project involving interactivity that I don't know yet how to tackle. I suppose I'll use Bluetooth beacons, but it might change.


Here's the project :

Having a display, with a BrightSign player, looping on a playlist. Some user could (if wanted) install an app on his handheld device (both iOS or Android). With said app, he could set an account with prefered content type (for instance : sports, movies, news, etc.). When a user, with the app already set, approaches the display, the content automatically switches to his prefered content. Then, with a timer, the BrightSign player switches back to the previous content.


Here's how I imaginated it :

Developping an app with only two features :

- Create a user account and login.

- Write/Read an online database with username, prefered content (chosen from a pre-defined list), and BlueTooth ID of the device (physical address, MAC address).


Having a BrightSign player with a BlueTooth beacon, playing an interactive playlist with :

- an infinite loop of media.

- When the beacon connects to the BlueTooth of a nearby smartphone, it reads its ID (physical/MAC address).

- The BrightSign unit then compares the BlueTooth ID to the online database to learn the prefered content associated with this ID.

- The BrightSign player then switches to another set of content with a TimeOut Event.

- When the time runs out, it switches back to its original content.


Here are my questions :

- How can I set an interactive event linked to a BlueTooth Beacon event?

- How can I link the BrightSign presentation to an online database?

- How would you (anyone?) do it?


Many thanks for your answers,


Renaud Mogenot.


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    David Gaither

    We are looking to do something similar for an innovation center.  Has there been any update or response to this?

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    Renaud Mogenot

    Hi David,


    Saddly, no, I never had an answer (as you may see). If you find anything, I'll be happy to learn how you could do it.





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