Cross fade videos using dissolves

I read another post that suggested using a plugin to dissolve a video and create a crossfade to another video. There was no other information given so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has attempted it.

I dug around a bit and it looks like you could maybe do this with ChromaLuma-Key-Editor. Set up the first video to dissolve to full transparency and the 2nd to fade back in from transparent to opaque. I see how you set the transparency using the script (I think) so my question now is; do I have to do a whole bunch of events, each one with a slightly greater (or lesser) level of transparency every 500 milliseconds or so or is there a better way to do it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Alan Eidson


    I'll try here before opening a ticket since this is where most activity on the plugin is....

    This plugin works great and I have used it in many presentations.  Thanks for the guidance.

    So I'm attempting to use the plugin on a presentation that's in portrait orientation.  Portrait bottom right.    When I use the plugin in this scenario, the video using the plugin, fades and then pops a frame before the target video begins.  Using the same videos and programming in landscape work just fine.   I would assume that it has to do with the auto-rotation of the video.    Have you used the plugin in a portrait oriented presentation? 

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