How can I delete an unused network from a BSN account

We have a BSN account to manage players for a customer. The account has two networks one is unused and without any subscription. I guess someone has build it by misspelling during subscription process.

Is there any way to delete the unused network, I just want to avoid future confusing or subscription loaded to the wrong network.



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    Hi Lucas,

    There is no way to delete a network, but you can create another one user and assign him to the Administrator role.

    (You'll need to enable "Show Advanced Security Settings" option.)

    After this is done - you can remove your first user account from this network.


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    Joe Tandy

    No way to delete a network? I have a similar situation where an account was created by mistake. Why can't you manage (delete/modify) networks? 

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    Jonathan Andersen

    Is this still the case? Using BSN Cloud and unable to delete a network still.

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    if i log on brightauthor connected with my email, create my user and my network. i have the possibilities to delete all of this ?

    Because i created my account with user and network to try to work with bsncloud, but now trail versione is finish.

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