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Some Interactive presentations can become very complex, and hard to maintain over time, but they don't have to be as such. Here is an example for a presentation, that was first done the wrong way, and then redone, so it is more manageable, and easier to delegates the task of content management.



Small changes may become a tedious task, of repeated actions, with a lot of room for human error...




The same user experience and functionality, was achieved with this presentation. Small changes are typically done by making a single change.

If you have an interactive presentation which you wished was done differently, then please share it here, so we can show you how to go from chaos to order.


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    Cage Nut


    BrightAuthor Art...


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    I'm not sure what this thread is about, but for what it's worth, here is an old presentation that I've created, that at the time was too complex for BrightAuthor to handle. In order to implement the program, I had to edit the presentation's XML code directly, using a text editor. I wish that Image Play File states existed back then...


    Can anyone top this one with a more complex, and unmanageable presentation?


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    Bright Scripters

    This one may hit a new record. This type of interactive presentation is very difficult to maintain, without making mistakes. We took that  presentation and re-built it from the ground up, to make it very simple to maintain, and to find one's way through.

    Here is the before


    Here is the after. Exactly same functionality, with increased manageability.

    If your presentation is out of control too, please reach out to support@brightscripters.com

    We look forward untangling, and take you from Chaos To Order.

    Post your "BrightAuthor Art" here and surprise us ;-)

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    This is zoomed in as far as I could get it..I alternate left side, right side







    Ok, that's it. No left side for the last graphic...

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    Bright Scripters

    Looks like we have a winner!

    Thank you Lyndon :)


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