Problem with viewing video in html5 web page


I have a simple web page, ( video BRIGHTSIGN tutorial example )

<body  bgcolor="#FFFFFF">TEST VIDEO:
<video src="test.ts" hwz="on">


The video does not appear on the screen ( Just 'TEST VIDEO:' is displayed )

Video stored in the same place as the web page

how to do ?



ps: HD223 ,

Thomas JP






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    Thomas Jean-Paul

    Test with other video, the same

    log :

    [66336.901] Playing:
    [66336.905] MediaStreamer::SetPipeline called with {gst:}
    [66336.906] TIME: PlayFile = 0.005061
    [66336.981] GStreamer: Plugin 'Audio Video Interleave (AVI) demuxer' is missing
    [66336.981] GStreamer: Missing plugins prevent playback
    [66336.981] GStreamer: Missing plugins prevent playback
    [66336.981] Gstreamer::Message: ERROR: Internal data flow error.
    [66336.981] Gstreamer::Message: SOURCE: source (GstSoupHTTPSrc 0x90021858)
    [66336.981] Gstreamer::HandleError: no alternate URL specified
    [66336.987] Gstreamer::Connect: aborted
    [66336.987] FireEvent 16 MEDIAERROR (line 1138) web player_id 36399
    [66336.995] FireEvent 30 MEDIAERROR_NOTSTARTED (line 1139) web player_id 36399


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    Megann Fuka

    Did you ever find a resolution to this? We are using the same player and running into the same errors even though we are using a HLS stream.

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    The issue for the original poster is that they're streaming an AVI container and the player doesn't support that.

    The streaming is the transport method, the data within still needs to be supported by the player.





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