Failure creating setup files


i have a problem to upload my BrightSign Unit setup.


What´s the problem? I have already reinstall the BightAuthor software and restart my computer.


Thank you!


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    Yuriy Official comment

    Also try to reproduce it again and send us the eventlog after that. It can help in diagnostics a lot.

    You can find it in c:\Users\%your_username%\AppData\Local\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\ (or the version installed on your PC). It's called eventlog.txt

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    Bright Scripters

    Does it also fail without the custom settings? (Splash Screen, WIFI)

    I can see that you are using BSN (BrightSign Network), so for a simple setup you could create files from the web UI.

    In order to troubleshoot, try creating a simple setup first, for local file settings, while BA is not connected to BSN.

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    Benedict Haas

    I found the problem.

    It was a broken link to my "Custom Splash screen". I placed a new link to my picture and well done :)


    Thank`s for helping!

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    Bright Scripters

    Good job! :) and thanks for sharing your results.

    Please be aware that the nature of your recent posts should probably go in the General Community forum, where you would get better exposure to your posts


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    Rick Thiel

    Thanks Benedict!  You saved me.  That was the same root problem I had.  

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