Brightwall Dynamic Playlists and UDP commands

First are we going to be able to get Dynamic playlist on Brightwall.  This is a feature I have been waiting on for years.  almost all my other players are updated by dynamic play lists except for this 3 panel brightwall I have.  and second is there anyway to use a UDP command to switch between two bright wall presentations.  I would like to switch back and fourth between a video stream and static show but this needs to be on the fly.  I usually do this in the presentation properties but its not there. 


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    There's are two open feature requests for both of those items:

    -adding brightwall interactive support

    -Adding support for dynamic playlists to brightwall.


    I don't have an eta on when they'll be added but both are useful additions to brightwall support.  IF you were using an autowall setup, you could use feeds. But, autowall currently just does stretched walls where it's one piece of content stretched. 

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    Pierre Briet

    I was hoping to use a Dynamic Playlist to update a BrightWall as well. Have there been any updates since this post? Are there plans to add this?

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