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I am deploying BrightSign (with BrightSign Network) across the entire college campus. Each building/department will create and post their own media, however I also will have content creators (like the marketing department) who will post content globally to various departments. Since I have about 25-30 different departments, for marketing to do individually into each department's dynamic playlist to add the media and then set validity date would be way too time consuming. So the easiest thing would be for them to just tag the media with which departments would receive it. However, I can't see how a validity date can be applied to media in a tagged playlist. Being a college campus, a vast majority of our media is event based, and therefor may only run for a very specific amount of time. Can you tell me the best way to get the best of both worlds? It doesn't seem to be possible right now.

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    Dave Bateman

    The event venue that I work in has 144 XD232 units. We have a similar issue as you, but on a massive scale. We have 34 units on room doors that change so frequently that we actually employ a scheduler full time who has to use two computers running BA at the same time because BA is so very very slow on uploads.

    I've been looking into templates for live text and have had great success feeding the xml from a complex excel spreadsheet. For the amount of changes we make this is ideal, however this generally only works for our in house default background designs. When events come in that have a bespoke room door sign change every 30 minutes, this gets very difficult with both uploading (grrr) and scheduling.

    I'd be very interested to hear how others deal with lots of presentation changes.

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