HD220, HD222 backward compatibility

If I make a presentation and publish it (via Simple File Networking) can an HD222 use a HD220 presentation?
Otherwise, can a HD220 use a HD222 presentation?

Do all presentation have to exactly match one distinct model?


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    No, they don't have to match exactly.


    usually you only have to worry about matching to make sure you're not using hardware on the player that the player doesn't have. So, don't publish a project using hdmi input to a player without it.

    One place where you want to use the latest model when choosing a player is if using the webui to build a presentation. If you choose an old player like the HD220 as the target model, you get an older autorun file that won't work with the HD222 or HD223. So, you would choose HD222 or HD223, and make sure your older HD220 had the latets firmware. 

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    Arthur Williams

    Thank you, that answers my question perfectly!

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