html5 website is 200% zoomed

I have a html5 4K website with a nodejs webback server on a HD 1024.

so far I have created HD sites this way, it worked perfectly.

the 4K website is now zoomed by 200%, all zone properties, the presentation properties are set to 4K, the website also has the meta viewport content at 3840.

so it looks like i'm looking at this website on a windows 10 computer with 200% magnification


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    Monica Knutson

    The HD1024 does not support HTML5 zones at 4K. Please refer to these tech note:


    4K Graphics

    While many BrightSign models can output 4K video modes (3840x2160), not all of these models can render HTML at 4K:

    XTx44, XTx43

    The XTx44 and XTx43 models support a native 4K HTML graphics plane (see this page for more details). Note the following performance restrictions when using native 4K HTML graphics:

    • Animations will not exceed 20 FPS (and intensive animations may exhibit very low framerates).
    • Non-HWZ video is likewise limited to 20 FPS, so HWZ should be enabled for video elements in native 4K.
    • We recommend displaying only one or two 4K images at a time (for example, a slideshow with one image displayed and next image preloaded). Images should not exceed 3840x2160 in size. 
    • We recommend using swap memory if possible. 
    • Pages that use many layers may run out of memory in native 4K. Enabling the gfxmemlarge setting may help mitigate this issue.

    XDx34, XDx33, HDx24, HDx23, LS424, LS423, 4Kx42

    The XD, HD, LS, and 4K models support graphics up to 1920x1200 (see this page for more details), which can then be upscaled to a 4K video mode. Pages must be specified as 1920x1080 (or 2048x1080 for DCI 4K); they can then be upscaled to 4K.

    Pixel Sizes and Coordinates with 4K Modes

    As noted above, webpages are often upscaled when outputting a 4K video mode. Relative CSS property values will scale automatically, but pixel values may need to be modified to account for differences between 4K video and graphics. See here for more information about using coordinates with upscaled video modes.

    Image Sizes

    Images larger than 2048x1280x32bpp (or 3840x2160x32bpp for XT, 4K, XTx34, and XDx33 players) will not be displayed by default. If a 4K video mode is used, the player will upscale images from HD resolution accordingly (though native 4K graphics can be enabled on the XTx43). The default limit can be increased in BrightScript using the roVideoMode.SetImageSizeThreshold() method.

    Without altering the default maximum resolution, you can increase the maximum width of images by sacrificing height (e.g. using a 3840x640x32bpp image on non-4K players is allowed). You can also increase the maximum width/height by reducing the bpp value (e.g. using a 3840x2160x16bpp on non-4K players is allowed).

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