WiFi issues using WD-104 with XT1144

Hi there. New here so please go easy on me. I have two XT1144's that I am REALLY struggling to get connected on Wifi.


The basic idea here was to get the players to use my iPhone as their gateway during trade show events.

I installed the WD-104 adapters in my players and configured them in a new, dedicated device setup file. Inside that file, I navigated to "Network Configuration" and then expanded the "Network Options" tab. I enabled the wireless function and populated the fields with the correct SSID and password information for my network.

Once complete, I saved the device setup file to my BSN.cloud account and then pushed the config out to my players. No matter what I do, I cannot get the players to connect to ANY WiFi network. The WiFi light on the players does not even light up at all. However, I do know that the hardware sees the adapters as the mac address will show up on the splash screen during boot.

What am I doing wrong here?


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    Just attempted to install a brand spanking new WS-103 with no luck. Networking diagnostics show "Wifi Interface not present".

    Then I reinstalled the WD-104 back into the player. Now networking diagnostics show state "WiFi ESSID not set".

    I am begining to think the setup files are not being passed correctly to the unit.

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    Bright Scripters

    Assuming your players are showing in BSN and are connected over Ethernet.

    (In order to push new setup to players that configure WiFi, players must be online via Ethernet.

    Once WiFi is up and running, Ethernet can be disconnected.)

    To apply new setup to players with WiFi details you need to re-provision from the player's web interface (rDWS)




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    Hi there and thanks for your reply.

    Units are connected via ethernet during the setup process. Units will receive their provisioning, download new content, and begin playing. Once they are disconnected from ethernet they never connect to WiFi. I have even set the interface priority to WiFi with no change in behavior.

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    So, I was finally able to get the units to connect to WiFi. However, the steps I had to take to get it to work was a bit strange.


    Here is what I did:

    1. I removed the SD card from my player and reset the player using the two button/power method.

    2. Once reset, I disconnected it again from power.

    3. I reformatted the SD card (ExFAT) and copied the "brightsign-xt4-8.5.33-update.bsfw" file to it.

    4. I deleted every instance of the player from my BSN account in both the "Network / Device list" as well as in the  "Admin / Device Provisioning".

    5. I deleted the original (and only) "Default Setup" profile under "Admin / Device Setups" and created a new one with the correct (WiFi) network settings.

    6. I put the SD card back into my player, and connected it back up to power and ethernet.

    7. Once the device activation code was displayed, I went to "Device Activation" and set the player up as a new player.

    8. Once the player received its provisioning, the WiFi light on the player finally illuminated solid blue.


    I was able to successfully get the player to connect to both my home network and my iPhone hotspot. However, now if I want to ever change the WiFi network it connects to, I have to do the entire setup all over again. Simply creating a new provisioning file and pushing it out to the player will NOT work. Perhaps this is not the correct way to do this?

    I need my players to connect to different wireless networks. Not entirely sure what the best practice is to accomplish this.

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    Bright Scripters

    Changing WiFi details of a player connected over WiFi is not a likely scenario unless both WiFi networks are available to the players at the same time. For this discussion here are the additional steps I would take.


    Player is configured for one WiFi and online

    Player needs to be set up for a different WiFi



    Add internet connection via Ethernet

    In BSN, change default setup to match new WiFi settings

    From BSN -> rDWS web interface, click on Reprovision Device

    That should force the player to reconfigure to new WiFi

    Disconnect Ethernet, reboot and check for connectivity


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    So the issue that I am running into is that I am unable to modify the setup file after it has been saved to my BSN. For example, when I attempt to change the WiFi information that has previously been saved in the "Default Setup" file, certain fields are greyed out (see image).

    It only seems logical that I must create a new setup file and push the file to the device in order to change the WiFi settings (yes I realize it must be connected to ethernet to accomplish this). However, this is where things don't quite work as expected.

    Here are the steps I am taking:

    1. Player is currently connected to first WiFi network (and ethernet simultaneously) and is configured with the "Default Setup" file.

    2. I create a new setup file with updated WiFi information.

    3. Under Admin / Device Provisioning, I select my player by checking the corresponding box to the left of its description.

    4. I click on "Apply Setup", then chose the new setup file for my player, and finally choose "apply setup".

    5. I get a dialog box that states "updating" and I (assume) the setup has been pushed out to the player.

    6. The player never connects to the new WiFi network as configured in the new setup file.

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    Bright Scripters

    From my experience, re-provisioning is an essential step.

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