problem with 4K Website on XT1144

I've played HD website on a HD1024 so far, it's never been an issue. Content was always reproduced 1:1.

Now I've tried playing 4K on the HD1024, which doesn't seem to work on this player. I got myself an XT1144 for a test, but it only shows a quarter of the image.

I thought it was because of the NodeJS express server setup. Now I have used a website that is on a server as a very simple call. Exactly the same problem

Here the site


Where can I upload the project file?



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    Ken Campbell

    I can only see a quarter of the image / page when I use my iPhone, so this probably has nothing to do with your Brightsign, NodeJS or HTMLwidget.

    My guess would be your viewport settings embedded in your HTML?

    Edit: Ah, this appears to be a duplicate post. Monica pointed you in the right direction in another thread.


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