Making a interactive quiz with video elements

Hi, I'm trying to make a quiz with true/false statements. After each question there is feedback if the question was answered right or wrong. In the end the player should get some results on how they did. 
Each question and feedback panel is a seperate video.

What I have right now can be seen below. Attached to each right touch event the score variable is increased. 

Where I'm stuck is with showing the results.
I tried:

Video play file

that after the last feedback page should show the a score video that corresponds to the score variable.

Problem, when I point to this page it does not start playing. I get no feedback what's going wrong.

Conditional targets

A touch event with conditional targets. This one also does not seem to go to the page and is stuck at the previous screen.

I'm not sure how this one should be working because you still have to set a remain, return or transition to * state. I'm guessing the conditional targets are overwriting this setting?

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    Tim Borowy

    After making a support ticket we found out that the preview option is not an accurate representation of the player. Conditional targets do work when uploaded to the player, but not in the preview

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