Bright Author not starting, saying not responding

I am unable to launch Bright Author. It basically shows the splash screen. I have followed the instructions about moving the window using Windows + Spacebar and then pushing M. It shows the window, but it says that it is Not Reponding. 


I have also tried reinstalling it. I didn't uninstall though as I didn't want to lose any settings. Any further tips?

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    Uninstalling the application won't clear the user preferences.

    Make sure you have any network shares and/or external drives connected.  It might be trying to scan/reference something that isn't available and it can take a while before it gives up.

    If you don't want to clear your user preferences from %localappdata%\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\versionNumber (or you could just try moving them) go do something else for a 15-30 minutes and see if it responds.

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