Synchronized 8 Video Projetion + using Buttons or a Touch Screen

Hello everybody!!
Help needed on this topic!
I was asked by a customer if it would be possible to use Brightsign with Touchscreen or a Panel with buttons to launch, stop and choose which video in an installation with 8 video projectors synchronized. Is it possible with Brighsign?
What hardware might I need, where can I read more about it, can help.


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    Ken Campbell

    Yes, it is possible to build a BrightSign-based system with all the functionality you described.

    However, it would be an ambitious first project if you have no previous experience configuring, developing, testing, troubleshooting and deploying for BrightSign. Since this is for a client, presumably you have a fixed amount of money and time in which to deliver, and you would be responsible for post-commissioning support, change requests, etc.

    You may want to consider working with a commercial AV system integrator in your area. They'll have the experience, knowledge and resources to handle all aspects of a project like this (including planning, site layout and drawings, projector mounting/installation, screen rigging, cabling, loudspeakers/amplification if required, networking, documentation, service contract, etc.)

    Alternatively, if you just need assistance with the BrightSign parts of the project (hardware, software, presentation logic, touchscreen UI, custom coding, media transcoding, etc.), you could work with a digital signage solution provider.

    If your budget doesn't allow for this, or you just want to take this on yourself, you can start by downloading a copy of BrightAuthor, checking out the tutorial videos ( https://www.brightsign.biz/training-1/tutorial-videos ), reading any and all documentation you can ( https://brightsign.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/overview?homepageId=370671585 ) , signing up for BrightSign Academy ( https://www.brightsign.biz/training-1/brightsign-academy ) and most importantly get a couple of BrightSigns and start working with them.

    Here's a starting point for the options with multi-channel synchronization: https://support.brightsign.biz/hc/en-us/articles/218067417-Synchronization-options 

    I'm mostly a BrightScript coder, so I'm a bit out of touch with the current recommended approach for BrightAuthor-based multi-channel interactive synchronization, but this is an approach to consider:


    Best of luck!



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    Nuno Franqueira
    Hi Ken,
    I've been working with brightsign for about 2 years at a company in Portugal. 
    We make synchronized Video outputs in brightwall format.
    Another use we give is mapping outputs in resolume and then loop projection with Brightsign. But now this project has emerged to have 8 BS synchronized and controlled by Ipad/Tablet for an
    immersive gallery, where we will have to choose which language the show will run in. I would like to know if I can do this with interactive Brightwall or will I have to
    program like Master/Slaves with commands via udp and how I could assemble this show,
    for example: - 8 HD224 - Network Switch - 8 Video Projectors Where can I get information about some kind of similar project, im also looking
    for suggestions and ideias, I've been looking for it but I haven't specifically found it. Thanks
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    Ken Campbell


    Brightwall is non-interactive; it's not capable of using an interactive playlist. If you're mainly a BrightAuthor user, you'll need to manually set up master/follower sync, with or without Enhanced Synchronization enabled (File-> Presentation Properties -> Interactive), and use different UDP commands to select the videos. 

    As for the iPad/Tablet UI control; My approach is usually to develop the UI in HTML5/Javascript/JQuery and to host it using Brightsign's onboard HTTP server. I usually use jquery.get() or jquery.post() from the client back to the Brightsign and have HTTP handlers setup to trigger the videos (I do everything in Brightscript, so I can't advise on the specifics of implementing the handlers/logic in BrightAuthor... it could be implemented easily in a Brightscript plugin though).

    Your iPad/Tablet can connect via an existing wireless network (the Brightsign would need to connect to your WAP via a switch an Ethernet connection), but what I prefer to do is install the optional WS-103/WD-104 WiFi card (usually in the Master for multi-synced setups), enable it as a Wireless Access Point, configure WPA2 PSK, and have the iPad/Tablet connect to it directly. While the Brightsign documentation seems to discourage this type of use, it is perfectly stable and I have deployed this type of configuration in galleries many times over the years without issue. It's also a very efficient way to make dynamic wall labels when showing compilation videos. Your mileage may vary, but I have no hesitation in recommending this approach.

    If you don't have a working solution by early June (I'm away for a couple of weeks), write me back and I'll see about putting together a worked example project with the HTTP/HTML-based control I was mentioning.




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