Help to project with 3D-models

I have a project that displays 3D models, but it needs some work. Who can help?

What improvements need to be made in the project:
1) Scrolling through animal icons to switch 3D models
Now it's just interactive pages "1/2", "2/2". Artyom said that this is possible, only the script needs to be written in more detail.
2) Seamless switching on 3D models
Now it takes about 1.5-2 seconds.
3) Switch the language directly in the window for interacting with 3D models
4) Make an increase / decrease in the 3D model either with a touch or with the "+/-" buttons in the zone of interaction with the 3D model.

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    I'm also working to integrate 3D models to a presentation. How are you embedding them? Using webGL?

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