How can I add 1000 barcode (USB) strings to a project without creating 1000 seperate USB commands?

For a retail customer we connected a barcode scanner to a Brightsign. Now the customer has 1000+ different barcodes that has to trigger different content. Does anyone has a suggestion how I can integrate this in a Brightsign project without having to add 1000 separate USB event. Can I upload a table or anything, and if so, how? Thanks for the help!


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    Bright Scripters

    Creating a BrightAuthor plugin or custom autorun.brs tailored for this project seems to be the way to go.

    Alternatively, a carefully crafted xml feed could be combined with an On Demand state in BrightAuthor Conncted, which might be even a better solution.

    In retail, one should expect products to be added and or removed, which makes a dynamically generated feed a suitable solution. It is key to have access to an API of sorts which would provide the most up to date list of products/barcodes

    Naming media files based on the barcode, could help managing such task.

    < barcode string>.mp4


    Have you guys found a solution by now?

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    I've got myself almost in the same situation, but still got no real answer.

    My first thought was to send the usb-input to a server running node-red, who would answer with a udp string stating wich video to play next.

    But i don't know how to insert the incoming usb string into a variable.. maybe sombody knows?

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    Job van der Lans

    Ask Brightscripters, they build a solution for me that works perfectly

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    I also want to know how to add a string obtained using USB Input Event  into a user variable.

    Something like "Assign input to a variable" -> "Specify fixed variable" that is available for Serial Input Event 

    would be good. But this is not available for USB Input Event.

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