Feature request - Text display on screen

The BrightSign is working well for a demo I am currently running at work, however theres definitely some extra functionality that would be nice to have.
One feature especially that would be useful is text display of messages sent either by RS232 or ethernet.
As an example, imagine we have a special offer running on a particular product (buy today, get $20 off), it would be nice to just be able to send a command remotely to the BrightSign to scroll this message continuously for the rest of the day.


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    Just to clarify this a bit more, I mean this as something that gets displayed on top of what the display is currently showing. So there may be a video playing, or a slideshow of images, and this message is displayed (say) at the bottom of the screen (like a tickertape used on the news/business tv channels for example).
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    Hi Soiaf,

    Thanks for the suggeston.  We agree this is needed, and hope to add it sometime in a future software update.


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