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I am just starting to test BrightSign and have tried many USB mice. Only one version of a Microsoft Wireless Mouse showed a cursor but without any control. Which mouse is known to work with Demo?

I am currenly using the "Demo CSV" but my goal is to have both Mouse and 10 pushbuttons select a Video or Slide and hold it. Do you have any examples of this? It is a pretty basic requirement to start off with.


Doug Hurrell

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    I have tested the following mice and they all work with the BrightSign:

    Type Connection Brand Model Name Comments

    Ball Wired Belkin F8e841-BLK MiniScroller Mouse

    Optical Wired Dynex DX-OM20

    Optical Wireless Kensington 72216 PilotMouse Optical Wireless requires usb hub

    Optical Wired Logitech M-BE58 First/Pilot Wheel Mouse

    Optical Wired Logitech M-UV55A Mini Optical Mouse

    Optical Wired Logitech M-BT96a Optical Mouse (3 buttons)

    Trackball Wired Logitech T-BC21 Marble Mouse

    Optical Wired Logitech M-BP86 MX310 Optical Mouse requires usb hub

    Optical Wired Logitech m-bw112a LX3 Optical Mouse requires usb hub

    Optical Wireless Logitech RBS111 Cordless Mini optical mouse requires usb hub
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