Adding Columns to csv file

I am looking to use the USB mouse to select 12 to 16 items on the screen with yoiur current csv file approach.

I inserted columns immediately following the original "elo: columns" so that this would be possible. (i.e. elo1: - elo12: then the Button Columns)

The system locks.

How many Columns can you have in a csv file for BrightSign?

Is there a limit to the number of Events in a csv file for BrightSign?

I am getting the MPEG jerking problem. When will this be fixed?

Thanks for your help.



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    Doug, does this mpeg jerking problem occur only with your mpeg, or can you duplicate it with one of the mpegs from the brightsign demo? If it only occurs with your, send me an email at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@rokulabs.com">lallydice@rokulabs.com</a><!-- e -->, and I will send you a newer software version to try.

    There is a limit, but it's not fixed. It's 25 events, but we can easily change that by making a change to the autorun.bas. However, if you aren't actually using a GPIO button board, you can delete the buttons columns. That would give you 12 more entries.

    When you say lockup, what do you mean? Do you mean playback doesn't start, or that it stops?
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    The jerking occurs with both Dalmation and AQ.mpg as well as with my own mpgs.

    I am using both the buttons and USB mouse for direct product still selection.  So, I gather that I'm limited to only 5 mouse selections unless I want to lose some of the buttons.

    Is there an area of the autorun.bas file that I could change to allow more columns to support 12 buttons and 12 USB mouse selections?


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    Since this is happening with all mpegs, the problem is most likely with your compact flash card. Try reformatting it, using fat32. If playback is still the same, please try a different brand card. Sandisk work very well. So, do Patriot, Lexar. I've also personally tested ATP cards.

    What brand and model card are you using? What's the size, and speed?



    Yes, on the events. Here's what you need to change in your autorun.bas:

    In the "new state:" section near the top of the script, find the following lines:

    dim bu(12)

    dim state_table(100, 25)

    dim eloev(25)

    To change the total number of events allowed to 30:

    dim state_table(100, 30)

    To also change the number of buttons allowed, if you needed to, to 15, for example:

    dim bu(15)

    To change the number of mouse/touchscreen locations allowed, to 30 for example:

    dim eloev(30)

    In your case, you just need to adjust the second value in the state_table line.
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