Technical info on new HD2000 High Definition

Hi All,

I'm still waiting to receive my developement units of HD600 after a very long story of uncorrect wire tranfer for the damn 99 buks.. I hope now it's Ok and I expect to receive my HD600 soon.

By the way this morning I recived a fantastic news about the new HD2000 could you give more technical info about it and when you think to put also this on the market..

Some questions:
1) Remote management and ethernet availability
1bis) pull / push / streaming mode
2) approx cost
3) type of video format and bitrate
4) hdmi output

I'm sure other people will add other questions.

Many thanks for your effort to propose new interesting solution in the market.

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    HD2000 is very much like the HD600, but does add HD video support.  More specs will be released as the product gets closer to being completed.
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