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I'm trying to figure out the scripting from the examples and guides provided here, but haven't had much luck. My current needs are to play out a single .mpg file automatically and have it loop forever. I also wish to set the output to 1080i. I have the HD2000 running version 1.1.20. Using the supplied autorun.bas works fine, except for the output resolution part.

Anyone wish to share a few lines of code with me?



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    You can set the videomode in either the playlist or csv file using the following command:

    videomode 1024x768x60p

    You can modify the autorun.bas directly by adding code like the following:

    REM **Force video mode to component**




    if debug print "Setting Video Mode to component..."

    if ok = false then print "Failed to set video mode to component.."

    You can find details about different video mode settings in the object reference manual.
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    Thank you for your help!  

    I ended up editing the autorun.bas, removing most all of the code and pasting in the stuff posted.  I changed the output mode to 1920x1080x60i.  the card booted up and is running a short HD animation loop.

    I am hoping the ethernet port will be available soon.  We would like to be able to access files on a server and play them out or at least transfer them to the CF card at some point.
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