Which CompactFlash card for HD2000

Following advice of your User Manual, I need to buy three 4GB card ASAP. I am ready to buy Transcend cards, described below on their website.

Is 100x fast enough to deliver 1080i mpeg2 file, 15 minutes duration?

Which card do I want, "PIO" mode or {UDMA4" mode?

What does that mean?

-- Transcend 4GB Industrial 100X CF Card (UDMA4 Mode)

-- Transcend 4GB Industrial 100X CF Card (PIO MODE)

Thanks, Doug D

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    100x is more than fast enough. I've played back 1080i content at 25Mbps using thumbdrives as well as 45x and slower CF cards. If you can get 4MB/s from the card, then it can play hd content.

    As I said on the phone, the Transcend industrial CF card I'm currently using is UDMA. I also have a Transcend commercial 32GB card that supprots both PIO mode 6 and UDMA mode 4.
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