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Hi i have recently been given the task to figure out and setup a Roku BrightSign HD2000 which seems to be a great piece of technology. My issue is that I can not get anything to run on it, nothing at all.

The very first thing i did when i got it was updated it to the new version 1.3.27 which went very smooth and I was impressed with the ease. After the update i decided to try a few simple scripts just to get the feel of the device, which is where i hit my problem. I don't know if I'm entering things completely wrong or if it is the device. I currently have it hooked up through the HDMI cord, a usb mouse, and usb keyboard. when it boots up it goes through the motions then all but the power button goes off and the screen just simply displays the Roku version screen.

Any help, suggestions, examples of script that should work with no problems at all would be extremely appreciated.

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    By default, video is active on component and hdmi, at 720p, and audio is set to analog.

    If you want to try out the autoplay script, please download version from the website. With the autoplay script (autorun.bas) you can do many things..

    1. Play a single video - just name the video autoplay.mpg.

    2. Play a playlist - create a text file named autoplay, and change the extension to .bsp from .txt. So, autoplay.bsp. In the text file, just list the files (with extension) that you want to play. Here's an example of a simple playlist..

    ----start of playlist





    -----end of playlist--------

    3. You can also run  interactive demos using csv files that you can create using excel, or google spreadsheet, for example, or any csv editor, or any text file. You can use other spreadsheets as well.

    If you download the brightsign demo, listed under the HD600, it has a mouse/touch drive demo, that powered by a csv file.

    All of these require the autorun.bas also need to be on the flash card, with your content as well.

    THere are many custom script samples in the object reference guide.  Is there something specific you are looking for?
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