HD 2000 gradual audio sync drift

I have an HD 2000 playing an 18 minute 1920x1080 video with
analog stereo audio. It loops constantly - never turned off.

After 14 days I've noticed a 1 second lag in the audio, which has probably been developing and worsening since it was last started but I've not been around to check. Re-boot and the problem stops.

Any probable causes? or do I just need to restart the machine more often?


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    You shouldn't need to. Chances are it's a problem with the encoding of the video. Please send me some more info at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@roku.com">lallydice@roku.com</a><!-- e -->.

    What program did you use to encode the video? Is it possible to upload the video to our ftp site?

    There's a windows utility called mpeg2vcr, by womble. It does a great job fixing issues with mpeg videos. all you need to do is open the video in mpeg2vcr, and then click on the save icon, and choose save. The software will fix any issues it finds with the video.

    I also have an mpeg analyzer utility I can send you to run against your video, to see if we can see anything there.
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