"Brightsign's Windows tool" for simple networking?

From the HD2000 User Guide:

Simple Networking: This method provides an easy way to update BrightSign devices remotely. Create a BrightSign folder on your web server, place your new content in this folder, and then use BrightSign’s Windows tool to create a sync file, so the BrightSign knows what's changed in the folder. When you use the NetworkTimer command in your playlist, BrightSign automatically downloads the content you place in your network folder.

Where do I download the "Windows tool"?


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    The Software run´s simple and good. But i got only one problem with it: i will that it run´s a service on a Windows 2003 Server (Web Edition). I added to the Services, but i can´t start as a service because windows needs or wants to have this parameter. Can anybody help me?

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