Elo width:height aspect ratios

Hi forum. maybe someone has worked a solution or has the info for this - if not I think it would be good public knowledge.

The Compact Users Guide states the following for the "elo" Event command

• x:y represents the starting position, where 0,0 is in the upper left • width:height represents the width and height of the area in pixels based on a 1024x768 resolution

the Elo 3239L's that I'm using have a native res of 1360 x 768. SO - where is the Brightsign (HD1010 in my case) reading touches? 1024 x 768 centered (detemined by "imagemode")? do I just have to "give up" on the far left and right as touch-sensitive areas?

is there any way to change the 1024 x 768 default to match up with the 3239L's resolution?


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