DCHP & Proxy settings

Hi Can I use the set DCHP autorun.brs and add to it, (Proxy with Username and Password) nc.SetProxy("http://username:password@proxy.yourcompany.com:port/") to keep the 1010 DCHP but using a proxy. To put these settings into the unit do you replace the autorun.brs on the card with the autorun.brs below, then reboot the unit Regards Andrew REM Start of script EnableZoneSupport(1) REM Create text widget to display onscreen messaging mode=CreateObject("roVideoMode") registry=CreateObject("roRegistry") rect1 = CreateObject("roRectangle", mode.GetSafeWidth()/4, mode.GetSafeHeight()/2, 500, 40) rect2 = CreateObject("roRectangle", mode.GetSafeWidth()/4, mode.GetSafeHeight()/2+42, 500, 40) text1 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect1, 1, 1, 0) text2 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect2, 2, 1, 0) print type(rect) print type(text) text1.Show() text1.PushString("DHCP Network Configuration") sleep(5000) REM Adjust network settings here if necessary REM nc = CreateObject("roNetworkConfiguration", 0) nc.SetDHCP() nc.SetProxy("http://username:password@proxy.yourcompany.com:port/") rem nc.SetTimeServer("mytimeserver.com") 'Set Time server here, add address inside quotes text1.Hide() ok=nc.Apply() registry.Flush() text2.PushString("Settings Updated. Remove Network Configuration Script from flash card.") if ok=true then text2.Show() sleep(30000) REM End of script


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