HD2000 artifacts

Hi Lyndon Hope you are having a a happy new year. I'm working on a time critical project using the HD2000. We are playing back 1080p24 files on the 1080i setting. The footage looks great with the exception of some small blocky pixel artifacts showing up occasionally. We have tried various bit rates but it does not seem to be bit rate related as all are below 16Mbs. We have tested the files on different cards, different HD2000 units, and different projectorrs/displays. They all reproduce the artifacts the same. When advancing frame-by-fame on a computer, we are unable to see the artifacts. We are trying to determine if Apple Compressor is creating corrupt files, or the HD2000 is not playing files correctly. Can you test the files and advise? I have uploaded two files with the problem to ftp.rokulab.com/lyndon/austinbill. The bad pixels are in the blue sky. In one file it is behind the rider's hat, in the other is in front of the rider's chest. thanks for any help. bh


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