Editing the Autorun.bas file

OK first off I'm not a programmer so maybe I'm not capable of understanding the documentation.

So here is what I need to accomplish, when the unit boots up, I need it to default to the 720p component output, I need the pictures to scale to fit the screen differently, right now they seem to zoom in. And it would be nice if I could use powerpoint default file naming (side1.bmp, slide2.bmp...).

Are these these thing possible? Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Also is there a way to slow down the picture scroll?
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    What you ask is actually simple to do. There are two ways to do this:

    1. You can save a .csv file using excel that plays your slides. If you downloaded the brightsign demo, it included an autoplay.csv file which controls the demo.

    Your csv file would have 3 columns and look like the following. The TIMEOUT:4 entry and the second column of bmp files would be in the 3rd column. This assumes you aren't using button or mouse input.

    CSV File


    VIDEOMODE 1280x720x60p



    STATE slide1.bmp                slide2.bmp

    STATE slide2.bmp                slide3.bmp

    STATE slide3.bmp                slide4.bmp

    STATE slide4.bmp                slide1.bmp


    1-Videomode would set the output to 720

    2-imagemode would set how stills would be displayed. Below are the 4 imagemode settings. The brightsign demo currently defaults to 1.

    • 0 - Center image. No scaling takes place, only cropping if the image is bigger than the screen.

    • 1 - Scale to fit. The image is scaled so that it is fully viewable with it's aspect ratio maintained.

    • 2 - Scale to fill and crop. The image is scaled so that it totally fills the screen, though with it's aspect ratio maintained.

    • 3 - Scale to fill. The image is stretched so that it fills the screen and the whole image is viewable. This means that the aspect ratio will not be maintained if it is different to that of the current screen resolution.

    3-The TIMEOUT:4 entry indicates a delay of 4 seconds between pictures.

    This example would loop through 4 images indefinitely.

    Do you just need your images to loop over and over again, with no user input?

    2. The second way to do this is currently in testing. We are testing a playlist feature. Send me an email at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@rokulabs.com">lallydice@rokulabs.com</a><!-- e --> and I'll send you the autorun.bas file you need to test it. It's the simplest way to loop through content.
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