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We updated our Roku system. We are able to loop one video using autoplay.mpg. How do we loop multiple videos?

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    If you've updated to 1.1.28, please download the updated autoplay scirpt (autorun.bas 1.1.7).

    With the updated autoplay script, you can use playlists. You can use playlists to loop videos. Let's say you wanted to loop 3 videos named video1, video2, and video3:

    1. Copy the updated autorun.bas to the memory card

    2. Copy your videos to the memory card

    3. Create a simple text playlist, named autoplay.bsp, and put it on the memory card.

    Playlists can be created using any program that can save a text file.

    autoplay.bsp (example)





    ----------end of playlist---------

    As you can see, playlists are easy to use. Just list the files you want to play and the order you want to play them in.

    Please see the updated user's guide for more tips on using playlists.
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