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I need my HD600 to power up and default to the component output instead of the VGA. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it?

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    It's easy to change the default video output. If you want your HD600 to default to component output:

    1-Playlists - if you are using a playlist for your demo, then add the following to the top of the playlist:

    videomode    1280x720x60p

    2-CSV - if you are using a csv file for your demo, add the following row to the top of the csv file. This is case sensitive, and videomode goes in the leftmost cell, and the resoution in the adjacent cell on the same row.

    VIDEOMODE    1280x720x60p

    3-Autoplay.mpg - if you are using autoplay.mpg to play a single video, or you don't want to add the videomode change to a playlist or csv file, you can edit the autorun.bas to change the default startup mode.

    Changing default video output in the autorun.bas


    If you are playing back a single video, using autoplay.mpg, you can change the default video output by editing the autorun.bas script. Add the following to the top of the autorun.bas:

    REM **Force video mode to component**



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