Corrupted Video Output on HD2000

I just set up my HD2000 and am having problems with the video output. The files play ok, but on the component video output only the "Y" output is functional. The TV displays this as black and white. When I use the RGB output the monitor displays the video ok...it's just tinted red. Any ideas? I upgraded the unit to the latest firmware just to be on the safe side.


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    The vga output is read because the unit is defaulting to 720p. Try playing back your content using a simple playlist.

    1. if you are playing a single video, pleae rename it to anything but autoplay.vob/mpg. For example, rename it to video1.mpg.

    2. Create a text file named autoplay, and change its extension to ".bsp" instead of ".txt".

    The text file would look like the following:

    videomode 1024x768x60p


    This will set the unit to 1024x768 when it starts up, and then it will play your video.

    Can you test if you get the black and white using hdmi out?

    Have you tried changing the component video cable?

    Please confirm the red, blue, green are connected to the correct jacks on your display.
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